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Syndicate Legal Support Services

(a Professional Services Corporation)

8383 Wilshire Blvd.

Beverly Hills, California 90211

Phone: (310) 463-5122

Email: Click Here

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Syndicate Legal Support Services is a team of experienced Trademark Law Clerks & Senior Paralegals who work with Attorneys throughout the State of California. Syndicate Legal Support Services can provide you and/or your Law Office(s) with the following Law Clerk & Advanced Paralegal Services with respect to Trademarks:


  • Conduct Trademark, Service Mark searches online, searching USPTO, State websites, general Google search, Whols URLs.

  • Search international registrations via Madrid Express Database.

  • Preparation of Federal Trademarks online.

  • Preparation of State Trademark / Service Mark filings.

  • Prepare and file Trade Name and business certificates.

  • Track Trademark / Service Mark renewal requirements.

  • Prepare and maintain tickler system and updated filings.

  • Review and organize all Trademarks, Service Marks, Copyrights and Patents

  • Prepare an IP spreadsheet summarizing all pertinent information.

  • Create intellectual property e-files.

  • Trademark Enforcement Actions

Trademarks (drafting):

  • Drafting of Affidavits of Use and Contestability.

  • Drafting of Assignment of Trademarks and Service Marks.

  • Drafting of Intellectual Property Security Agreements.

  • Drafting of Intent to Use Agreements.

  • Drafting of Trademark and Service Mark License Agreement.

  • Drafting of Trademark Cease and Desist Letters. 

Trademarks (due diligence):

  • Audit IP portfolio pre-purchase or post-purchase.

  • Assist with processing and filing of statements of use.

  • Prepare IP portfolio with docketing information and file due dates.


Syndicate Legal Support Services provides Law Clerk & Advanced Paralegal Services to Attorneys and Law Firms Only. If you have come to this site seeking assistance for a legal issue, seeking assistance with any court form, or any document you intend to file in a court of law, you should seek the advice of an attorney or a law firm of your own choosing. Members of Syndicate Legal Support Services do not give legal advice or provide any legal document preparation for any non-lawyers.










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