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Syndicate Legal Support Services

(a Professional Services Corporation)

533 South Grand Avenue

Los Angeles, California 90071

Phone: (818) 937-3811

Email: Click Here


Legal Research: Legal research is a big party of what Steve Mueller does each day, and it is an aspect of a law practice that generally takes up valuable attorney time, and that time can generally be better spent on generating law firm revenues, case preparation (for trials, hearings, mediations, etc.), and other work. Engaging Steve Mueller Legal Support Services for your legal research needs will allow you to reclaim those lost hours. Steve Mueller has more than twenty-five (25) years of legal research and industry experience, and has access to legal research libraries, such as Westlaw and LexisNexis, to name a few. 

Legal Drafting: With Steve Mueller's Legal Support Services, you can outsource your most formidable drafting projects with confidence. Steve Mueller can handle it all, from initial Complaints, Answers, Cross-Complaints & Demurrers through all Motions, Mediation / Trial Briefs, and Appellate Briefs. Additionally, Steve Mueller can prepare all Discovery Requests & Replies and prepare Deposition & Mediation Summaries. Have an Ex Parte you need filed today? No problem, Steve Mueller has the resources to get your Ex Parte Drafted, Reviewed, Filed and Served in time!

Litigation Support: Litigating a number of cases at one time requires a lot of attorney time, even with the growth of Digital Court Connect options. Leveraging Steve Mueller's Legal Support Services will allow you to attend to your hearings, trials, mediations and other case matters with the confidence that all aspects of your full case load are being tended to by a seasoned industry professional. 

Law Clerk Services Rates are Negotiable and are determined by the scope of Law Clerk Services to be rendered.

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