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Syndicate Legal Support Services

(a Professional Services Corporation)

533 South Grand Avenue

Los Angeles, California 90071

Phone: (818) 937-3811

Email: Click Here

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Steve Mueller is an experienced Secured Lending Law Clerk & Paralegal who assists Attorneys throughout the State of California. Steve Mueller can provide you and/or your Law Office(s) with the following Law Clerk & Advanced Paralegal Services with respect to Secured Lending Transactions:

Secured Lending (General):

  • Draft Loan Documents (such as, but not limited to):

    • Deed of Trust / Mortgage​

    • Promissory Note

    • Security Agreements

    • Settlement Statements

    • Guarantees

    • Etc.

  • Review and Analyze Credit Approval Memorandums, Commitment Letters and Authorizations, Prepare Loan Review Memo outlining any pertinent issues that may adversely affect Lender.

  • Research, Review and Resolve Title and Survey issues in regards to Outstanding Liens, Incorrect Legal Descriptions or Incorrect Coverage.

  • Review Vendor Invoices to Verify Accuracy and Prepare / Request Payments

  • Order Due Diligence Items

  • Review Judgment and Lien Searches (including UCC) and Advise Lender of Open Lien, Judgment, Pending Litigation and/or Bankruptcies.

  • Organizing, Tabbing, and Preparing Binders

  • Communicating with Borrowers & Lenders


Steve Mueller provides Law Clerk & Advanced Paralegal Services to Attorneys and Law Firms Only. If you have come to this site seeking assistance for a legal issue, seeking assistance with any court form, or any document you intend to file in a court of law, you should seek the advice of an attorney or a law firm of your own choosing. Steve Mueller does not give legal advice or provide any legal document preparation for any non-lawyers.









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