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Syndicate Legal Support Services

(a Professional Services Corporation)

8383 Wilshire Blvd.

Beverly Hills, California 90211

Phone: (310) 463-5122

Email: Click Here

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Syndicate Legal Support Services is a team of experienced Mergers & Acquisitions Law Clerks & Senior Paralegals who assists Attorneys throughout the State of California. Syndicate Legal Support Services can provide you and/or your Law Office(s) with the following Law Clerk & Advanced Paralegal Services with respect to Mergers & Acquisitions:

Mergers & Acquisitions (General):

  • Prepare & File Incorporation & Formation Documents (domestic and/or foreign)

  • Prepare Organization Documents, including Stock Certificates and Stock Ledger

  • Complete and file Form SS-4s to obtain EIN, as well as other tax related forms

  • Compile and Maintain Minute Books and Stock Ledgers

  • Conduct Research in determining Jurisdictions for Qualification

  • Prepare and File Qualification & Withdrawal Applications

  • Order Lien Searches (including UCC) and summarize Lien Search Results

  • Prepare and File Statutory Filings, including Amendments, Mergers & Dissolutions

  • Calculate Franchise Tax 

  • Assist with Drafting of Secured Lending Certificates and Consents

  • Interface with Lender's Counsel regarding Delivery of Original Documents

  • Assist in Due Diligence Matters

  • Formulate Solutions to problems which may arise, such as Good Standing issues

  • Consult with Associates on how to handle basic corporate matters

  • Obtain information form, and provide information to, Attorney and/or Client(s)

  • Prepare Initial Draft of Closing Checklist

  • Handle Signature Page Distribution

  • Prepare Closing Certificates

  • Prep Closing Files

  • Review Collateral Description

  • Prepare and File UCC Statements

  • Prepare and File Amendments and Termination Statements

  • Assist with Closing:

    • Track down Signature Pages​

    • Filling in Dates

    • Tracking Down Final Agreements

    • Provide General Support

  • Prepare Closing Book Index & Assemble Closing Book​

Syndicate Legal Support Services provides Law Clerk & Advanced Paralegal Services to Attorneys and Law Firms Only. If you have come to this site seeking assistance for a legal issue, seeking assistance with any court form, or any document you intend to file in a court of law, you should seek the advice of an attorney or a law firm of your own choosing. Members of Syndicate Legal Support Services do not give legal advice or provide any legal document preparation for any non-lawyers.

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