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Syndicate Legal Support Services

(a Professional Services Corporation)

8383 Wilshire Blvd.

Beverly Hills, California 90211

Phone: (310) 463-5122

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Syndicate Legal Support Services a team of experienced Labor & Employment Law Clerks & Senior Paralegals who works with Attorneys throughout the State of California. Syndicate Legal Support Services can provide you and/or your Law Office(s) with the following Law Clerk & Paralegal Services with respect to Labor & Employment:

Services (including, but not limited to):

  • ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act):

    • Conduct the initial review of Employees Claim(s) File​

    • Create detailed Claim(s) File Summary

    • Assist during Settlement, Mediation, Arbitration and Trial

    • Draft Settlement Agreements (if necessary)

  • EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) ​

    • Investigate Discrimination Claims under Federal and/or State Statutes (including any Civil Rights Violations)​

    • Assist during Trial, Arbitration, Grievance Hearings, and other Formal Proceedings for Grievance and/or Discharge

    • Assist during Trial, Arbitration, Grievance Hearings, and other Formal Proceedings for Grievance and/or Discharge

    • Assis with Drafting of Proposed Policies and Procedures with comply with related State, Federal, Local or Agency Employment Practice Regulations

  • National Relations Labor (NLRB) / Union Activity:

    • Assist with Personnel Policies and Practices to avoid Unionization ​

    • Assist with Union-Avoidance Materials

    • Respond to matters under the National Labor Relations Act including responding to Petitions or Demands from a Union. 

    • Assist with Unfair Labor Practice Charges with the NLRB

    • Assist with Documents necessary to prepare for and attend NLRB Trial / Arbitrations. 

    • Respond to Union information and NLRB Requests.

    • Assist with handling problems during Strikes, including Draft Strike Manuals and Contingency Plans. 

  • Common Law Statute / Tort Claims:​

    • We have knowledge of Common Law Statute / Tort Claims​

    • Assist with Wrongful Discharge and Employment-at-Will Claims

    • Assist with Contract and Promissory Estoppel Claims

  • Department of Labor & Employment:​

    • Assist with the Unemployment Insurance / Appeals Process​

    • Assist with Hearing Preparation, issuance of Subpoenas and with Witness Preparation

    • Assist with Wage Claims regarding California Wage Claim Act or California Minimum Wage


    • Act as Liaison between:​

      • Experts​

      • Benefit Coordinators

      • Other Professionals

      • HR Professionals

      • Courts

      • Other Counsel

      • Clients

    • Case Management from Initial Filing through Trial (and Appeal if needed)​

    • Deposition Scheduling & Preparation

    • Docketing & Tracking

    • Prepare for and assist at Trials, Court Mandated Conferences, Administrative Hearings, Settlement Conferences, Inspections, Arbitrations, Negotiation Sessions, and Internal Proceedings, including (but may not be limited to):

      • Orchestration of tasks related to Mediations, Arbitrations and Administrative Hearings​

      • Prepare and Maintain Trial Exhibits

      • Coordinate the use of Electronic Trial Presentation Equipment, maintaining & tracking Exhibits, and scheduling witnesses. 

      • Coordinate Witness Preparation & Testimony

    • Perform Legal, General & Factual Research​

    • Draft Non-Dispositive Pleadings, Claims, Contracts, Motions, Correspondence and other necessary Documents

    • Correspond with Courts, Parties, Attorneys, Organizations, Professionals / Experts, including treating Physician(s), Investigators, Witnesses and Governmental Agencies. 

    • Locate and Interview Witnesses and Expert Witnesses

    • Collect Factual Information, using Public Records and other Online Resources

    • Arrange for Service of Process of Complaints and Subpoenas, both in-state and foreign

    • Assist in the Preparation and Filing of Legal Briefs with the Court

    • Compile and Maintain Documents, utilizing Databases & Spreadsheets

    • Review Documents for Privilege & Relevance

    • Obtain & Summarize Medical (and other) Records


    • Draft Employee Plans for Attorney Review:​

      • Act as Liaison between Plan Sponsor, Plan Administrator, and Trustee in Preparing and Drafting Qualified Employee Plans, i.e.:

        • Stock Bonus Plans;​​​

        • Profit Sharing Plans;

        • Purchase Money Pensions and other Pension Plans;

        • Trust Agreements

        • Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Plans;

        • Annuity Plans;

        • HR-10 or Keogh Plans;

        • Employee Stock Ownership Plans;

        • Life & Health Insurance Plans;

        • Workers' Compensation Plans; and 

        • Social Security Plans

      • Assist with Document Preparation & Program Monitoring:​

        • Gather Information​

        • Determine Eligibility for Participation and Benefits

        • Notify Employees of Participation

        • Complete Input Forms for Document Assembly

        • Assemble Elections to Participate

        • Determine Beneficiary Designations

        • Record Elections to Contribute

        • Allocate Annual Contributions to Individual Participants' Accounts

        • Prepare Annual Account Statements for Participation

        • Identify any potential Discrimination Problems with Program

        • Prepare Plan and Trust Documents for IRS Approval (including any relevant IRS Forms)

        • Prepare Summary Plan Description and other Reporting & Disclosure Forms, including Form 5500 Annual Reports (U.S. Dept. of Labor)

        • Prepare other applications for submission to IRS, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, and Department of Labor regarding Plan Termination and Requests for Approval. 

        • Maintain Document Forms, Government Forms, and Library of Plan Documents

        • Assist Attorney in Preparing, Finalizing, and Filing Documents and Reports required by Federal, State and Local Laws

        • Additional:

          • Assist in Drafting Summary Plan Descriptions for Distribution to Employees​

          • Help Prepare & Review Annual Reports of Plans

Syndicate Legal Support Services provides Law Clerk & Advanced Paralegal Services to Attorneys and Law Firms Only. If you have come to this site seeking assistance for a legal issue, seeking assistance with any court form, or any document you intend to file in a court of law, you should seek the advice of an attorney or a law firm of your own choosing. Members of Syndicate Legal Support Services do not give legal advice or provide any legal document preparation for any non-lawyers.

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